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Pro-level recovery for everyone Used by pro athletes, coaches & physios

Recover faster & train harder Benefits of a 10min massage in just 30s

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Try it out risk free 30 day money-back guarantee

Pro-level recovery for everyone Used by pro athletes, coaches & physios

Recover faster & train harder Benefits of a 10min massage in just 30s

Our customers love us Fiver Star 2048 reviews

3 Tools for Super Fast Recovery at Home

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The nature of being an athlete means you are constantly looking to take your game to the next level. Whether it’s going for that extra rep at the gym or honing in on a super-focused diet to boost your performance, you have the dedication and drive that most people only achieve in their dreams. But making the most of your workout doesn’t begin with pre-workout and end when you leave the gym. Taking the time to focus on recovery is key to making the most out of your every move, which is why TimTam creates modern recovery tools that make professional-grade recovery attainable for all. Which tools help you make the most out of your recovery when you’re in a pinch? We’re here to show you how the TimTam Power Massager and other recovery tools help you take your workouts up a notch.

We’ve chosen these recovery tools based on the following criteria:

  • Speed: These tools help you recover and prepare for your next workout quickly.
  • Effectiveness: We’ve chosen tools that are precise and get the job done.
  • Applicability: To make the list, these recovery tools had to be applicable for everyday use and for all athletes.
  • Reputability: The recovery tools we’ve chosen are trusted by everyone from pro athletes to weekend warriors for making them feel their best.

Percussive Massage with the TimTam Power Massager

The Deep Tissue Massage you can Achieve at Home

Serious athletes and the pros know how important the benefits of massage are to recovering effectively. Taking the time for a 60-minute professional massage after a big game is ideal for high-level athletes, but we don’t all have access to masseuse after a tough workout. Not to mention -- these massages can be anywhere from $100 to $200 per hour, making recovery massage an expensive and time-consuming recovery effort.

That is -- until Timtam released the Power Massager. The TimTam Power Massager is the powerful hand-held massage tool that is designed for recovery massage that you can bring anywhere. Only 2.2 pounds and coming in a convenient carrying case with a rechargeable battery, the TimTam Power Massager v1.5 is ideal for keeping on-hand after a workout, at the gym, or taking on vacation with you for a relaxing and fast massage.

The Power Massager v1.5 delivers 2,500 high-velocity percussive strokes to targeted muscle areas per minute, reducing pain, lactic acid buildup, and repairing microtears from your muscles. This incredible recovery effort has been proven to increase performance anywhere between 2 and 5% with regular use, which means the TimTam Power Massager may be the answer to your prayers.

Best of all, the TimTam Power Massager can reduce recovery times by up to 30%. With the ability to achieve the same effects of a professional manual massage in one-sixth of the time - and in a package that pays itself off in less than 2 trips to the masseuse - you’ll be able to dedicate more time to working out, relaxing, and recharging for improved performance the very next day.

Air Compression Leg Massagers

The Solution for Serious Ongoing Leg Pain

compression after workout

There’s nothing quite like the ongoing ache after leg day, sprints, or distance running. When you push your legs to their limits, you’re creating micro-tears in your muscles that need time and attention to heal. Without this attention to recovery, these tiny micro-tears can become serious injuries. Additionally, you’re sure to have some serious tension in your legs for several days after putting in some work on your legs at the gym.

Lucky for you, it’s now easier than ever to recover your legs like the pros. There are a variety of air compression leg massagers on the market that help boost your recovery after leg day, allowing you to get back in the gym sooner than ever before.

Air compression leg massagers work with firm compression of the muscles and fascia in your legs which triggers your lymphatic system and blood circulation to the area. This allows your cells and muscles to be nourished and triggers the creation of endorphins that act as natural painkillers in your body.

Not only is air compression great for athletes, but for people facing chronic pain and daily ongoing aches and pains. With this top of the line treatment, you have access to the best recovery available in your own home.

Electrotherapy with the TimTam Pulse Massager

Make Electrotherapy Stimulation Part of Your Daily Recovery

One of the most trusted and effective treatments available to athletes and sufferers of chronic pain is electrotherapy. TENS Electrotherapy uses small, harmless electronic pulses to counteract pain signals and treat muscle pain at its source. Commonly used by athletic trainers to treat a variety of ailments - including tendonitis, acute and ongoing muscle pain, joint pain, and arthritis - TENS devices like the TimTam Pulse Massager are an athlete’s dream come true.

TENS devices are not only used for recovery but are great for preparing for a tough workout as well. The TimTam Pulse Massager works by sending these electric pulses that interrupt nerve signals being sent to and from the brain, making it possible for athletes to feel less pain following a tough workout.

What sets the TimTam Pulse Massager apart from competitors is its wireless, user-friendly interface. Easy to use at home, the Pulse Massager connects to the TimTam Pulse Companion App. Simple pair the pulse unit to your smartphone using Bluetooth, stick the device to your skin, and choose from sixteen different treatment options to boost your pain management and recovery. In just 15-30 minutes, you’ll feel your pain melt away and will be prepared to take on your workout for the next day stronger than ever before.

Ready to take your at-home recovery to the next level? Check out the TimTam Power Massager and TimTam’s entire line of recovery tools. Designed for athletes like you, TimTam’s line of modern recovery tools can help you make the most out of your workouts and recovery time.

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